Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has recently become one of the more popular types of flooring for residential buildings, and for good reason. It’s relatively affordable price tag combined with a huge selection of colors and styles makes it a go-to choice for many.

Also known as floating wood tile, laminate flooring is easy to maintain and keep clean as you do not need any fancy or specialized products to keep it looking good. Usually a quick sweep and the occasional spot clean with a damp rag is all you need. One thing to be aware of with laminate flooring is that long term exposure to moisture (spills that aren’t immediately cleaned up or regular mopping) can cause warping. So while it may not be the best choice for your bathroom, laminate flooring works well in many other parts of the house.

These days there are so many options for laminate flooring looks. You can find flooring that looks just like wood as well as stone or tile look-alikes. Your biggest problem with laminate flooring is probably going to be deciding on which option to choose!

Don’t hesitate to call us for a quote for your next laminate flooring project. Chances are, we’ll be able to get in quick and install it in no time!